Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

I liked this book for its comprehensible and simple language in explaining the complex and enigmatic world of Human Psychology. The author cleverly explains the pitfalls and benefits of Instinctive and adaptive unconscious.

Malcolm Gladwell explains the complex psycho - analysis through real world experiences and how the initial two seconds are enough to make important an decision.
And he very interestingly explains how excess information which seem to be relevant and in context can actually act as distraction and moves us towards wrong conclusions and false beliefs.

He takes into account both the positive aspect of the adaptive unconscious in decision making and weakness in form of impulse judgement based on stereotypes and prejudices.

However I find some of the examples paradoxical and not that suitable and relevant to justify the authors premise ....

I enjoyed reading it as a naive and amateur psychology enthusiast and looking forward to read "Outliers - The 3rd book in the series."

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