Atlas Shrugged- A Review

Atlas Shrugged is a Novel authored by Ayn Rand who is known for developing a philosophy based on Objectivism, Epistemology and Metaphysics.

It took me more than 3 month to complete this "Magnum Opus " of "Thinker Philosopher and Doer" AYN RAND as she liked to call herself.

I concur with her in pieces... I agree with her definition of Morality.. Ethics ... Guilt... Selfishness... Love ...Objectivism.. Metaphysics... Self Interest..

But at the same time her strong biased attitude towards Capitalism & Anarchism and neglecting the positive aspects of other forms of economy (for say Mixed Economy) is certainly not pragmatic enough. Her abhorrence towards Socialism and Faith is prevalent throughout the novel. In accordance with her creed.. Faith is just a way to escape reality and objectivity.

Other than that I like her for being a Male Chauvinist (satiates my male ego ;) ).. Because the protagonist Dagny Taggart first submit herself to Francisco D Anconia then Hank Rearden and finally to John Galt (which she pronounce as her true love ). On more serious note She understood and explained the basic human demeanour so precisely that you cant help but relate yourself to the characters of this very masterpiece.

I reckon, After reading Atlas Shrugged I am a changed person now..for the better...

Please go for this masterpiece of Ayn Rand..... Its worth reading and will help you understand yourself better