In the name of Religion? :Jaipur Serial Blast

May 13 2008
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Jaipur Blast in Pics
Jaipur Blast in NEWS

Headline : More than 60 people killed on spot. More than 200 people injured.
Inhuman, Stoic, Farcical, Hate, Sadness, Pain, Revenge, Treachery, Wrongly Motivated, Cruel, Cold Blooded, Ruthless, Barbaric, Pitiless…….

These are the words which crawls in my mind when I think of “Inhuman Terror-ist” … I HATE THEM

The recent Serial blast in my peace loving city (Jaipur) is a living example of how helpless and cruel these terrorist can go... They are doing it in the name of religion...But I feel they all are “atheist”.. Why they target innocent people who don’t even have anything to do with them…Not even remotely…

Many of the people who died are Muslims also. How can they justify this? They are killing their own people...Killing people of their own religion and putting a tag of “Jihad”?????… Pity on them and on their intentions.