The Trader : Tips on how to select shares in stock market

These are few suggestions/tips I happen to learn while reading the book "The Naked Trader" by Robbie Burns. I found them extremely useful and easy to follow to pick good shares. They are as follows-
  1. Dividends, Profits and turnover are rising
  2. There are tons of positives
  3. Debt is low and under three times(3x) full year profit (PBT)
  4. Demand for its product is likely to grow. Never buy a single product company as chances of failure are much higher.
  5. It looks cheap as compare to its peers and expected growth
  6. It has full listing
  7. You understand what the company does and check the company's background
  8. There are no question marks on the company
  9. Avoid dealing in penny stocks. Its more of a gamble.
  10. The share is under 15x profit to market cap.
  11. The chart looks positive and is in upward trend.
  12. Go with the sector which is in demand. If the sector is hot and you picked the right stock then chances of making good money is quite high. Go with the trend rather then antagonistic to it.