Bleeding heart: Jaipur Serial Blast

Tara Chand Sharma is no more. A priest by profession and choice… It was the usual evening time. With other priests he was carrying out regular pooja –archna(prayer) in a famous temple of Jaipur . He had never thought in his wildest dream that this is his last day on earth. Tara Chand Sharma is survived by six daughters, a 14 year old son and wife. He was the only bread winner in the family… The future of his family is uncertain. No one knows what will happen?..How the family will survive?.. Who will take care of them?

I want to ask those inhuman people who carried out these dastard act … Which mission they have accomplished?...Surely their coward act is epitome of lameness…. Shame..

May their Gentle Souls rest in Peace and God bestow strength to those who hurt and survived… Amen!!!!