drug abuse and addiction

Today in this era when life is so busy ,so hectic and people have no time left for socializing..everyone is getting more and more eccentric and prefer to spend there time alone rather than socializing…So, in order to fill that emptiness within them which generate due to solitary nature, to get rid of feeling of hollowness ,to move out of there problems and worries ....they look for things which help them in getting away from all worldly problems .... the easiest way they found to get rid of all stiffness is to take so called "recreational drugs"...

Being a drug abuser and drug addict have some difference.. drug abuse doesn't certify that he\she is drug addict also...a person who abuses drug may or may not be addicted but a person with addiction is surely a drug abuser.

Addiction have different start with exploratory phase in which person just take drugs for fun or to ease circumstances or situation..then comes recreational phase , next stage is abusive phase and finally addictive phase in which no choice is left other than taking drugs.

So thing is that we should pay and concentrate efforts on stopping a person in any of 1st three phase as they form the basis of addiction and sow the seed for future addiction..if we succeed in stopping a person in any of 1st three stage then it become bit easier to keep him\her away from drug addiction.

Well drug addiction is of two types mainly physical and psychological...but they are moreover spirally winded with one another as they both occur simultaneously. But psychological addiction is often found to be more dangerous , stubborn and profound.

Mainly it is seen that a drug addict end up in jail ..But prison is not a place for drug addicts because its become compulsion for them to take drugs as they have no choice left...instead they need a rehabilitation center to come out of deadly addiction rather than imprisonment or judiciary hearing.

.....Why often only addicted people are being trapped?..Why not many drug traffickers are being caught and the one who caught are just small fishes ...what about those who supply these drugs on large scale ..why don't they come under net? the reason behind big fishes not being caught is political back support or something else.. drug addiction is making almost every country hollow from inside as its mainly youth and teens who get involved and consume drugs to stop this deadly thing from spreading its already deepen roots concrete steps should be taken by combine effects of government and the people.