Fanatical Cricket Loving Nation

Ladies and Gentlemen (North and South American Nationals) I am not talking about insect species belongs to Gryllidae Family. This is what usually Latin and North American people think when I talk with them about “cricket”. I want to clarify this misconception. We are not insect fanatic Nation. WE ARE NOT… Sigh!!!!!!!

Ladies And Gentlemen (Rest of the world).. Yes you guessed it rightly. We indeed follow cricket religiously. WE DO

We shout…We slang…We criticize when India lost… But latest DLF India Premiere league is putting me in such a dilemma. I don’t know whom to support and whom not to..

~So called Mumbai Indians have more “Non-Indians” than Indians. I wonder still they proudly tag themselves as Indians.

~Rajasthan Royals hardly have anything “royal+loyal” in them. The latest Jaipur bomb blasts were enough to scare “royal” people (Shane Warne, Shane Watson etcetera) and they were in verge of flying back to their respective countries… Royalty+Loyalty epitomized” … Sigh!!!!

I can’t help myself but wonder Is cricket no more a sport? ...Heavy commercialization of most sought after game has put the very game on path of retrogression…

Owned by few eminent personalities, auction of Cricket players, Negligence of Playing for nation are enough to support my perspective. I believe Cricket is not just a source of entertainment but much more than that. The negligence of other sports and not getting the much deserved attention to regional cricket is certainly not good for future of this great nation ... That is the real jeopardy. I feel lot can be done for regional cricket instead of just making cricket a means of earning money and entertainment.



Bleeding heart: Jaipur Serial Blast

Tara Chand Sharma is no more. A priest by profession and choice… It was the usual evening time. With other priests he was carrying out regular pooja –archna(prayer) in a famous temple of Jaipur . He had never thought in his wildest dream that this is his last day on earth. Tara Chand Sharma is survived by six daughters, a 14 year old son and wife. He was the only bread winner in the family… The future of his family is uncertain. No one knows what will happen?..How the family will survive?.. Who will take care of them?

I want to ask those inhuman people who carried out these dastard act … Which mission they have accomplished?...Surely their coward act is epitome of lameness…. Shame..

May their Gentle Souls rest in Peace and God bestow strength to those who hurt and survived… Amen!!!!


In the name of Religion? :Jaipur Serial Blast

May 13 2008
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Jaipur Blast in Pics
Jaipur Blast in NEWS

Headline : More than 60 people killed on spot. More than 200 people injured.
Inhuman, Stoic, Farcical, Hate, Sadness, Pain, Revenge, Treachery, Wrongly Motivated, Cruel, Cold Blooded, Ruthless, Barbaric, Pitiless…….

These are the words which crawls in my mind when I think of “Inhuman Terror-ist” … I HATE THEM

The recent Serial blast in my peace loving city (Jaipur) is a living example of how helpless and cruel these terrorist can go... They are doing it in the name of religion...But I feel they all are “atheist”.. Why they target innocent people who don’t even have anything to do with them…Not even remotely…

Many of the people who died are Muslims also. How can they justify this? They are killing their own people...Killing people of their own religion and putting a tag of “Jihad”?????… Pity on them and on their intentions.


The gOd must be really CrAzY

I wonder does God really exist or it is just a figment of imagination. Personally I believe there is some positive force which does exist …

Let me start by putting some extraordinarily strange but amusing facts regarding our very own “almighty”. According to Hindu mythology god exist in more than 360 million forms and by adding other forms of god as perceived and worshiped in different parts of world I sometimes feel the population of god must be far more than that of human population…Still we make such a fuss about population explosion? :-). Before you all start calling me brat and start hitting me, I want to add few more dimensions to this “ultra serious thought” … Just imagine One god for each human being. In accordance with above mentioned facts this could be a possibility….Sounds like god himself is very much concern about the “god –human ratio”, just like today’s schools and universities which make hay of adequate “teacher –student ratio”…Such crazy thoughts always hit my mind and tickle my funny bone.

We people of this very planet are such strange creatures and Almighty is strangest. ...Sometimes it become to hard to decipher what is actually happening and what is hallucination. But that is why I call this place “Strange ...Unpredictable …. Beautiful... and ofcourse Unique”…

Nothing is absolute...Everything is relative…Don’t misunderstand me to be nihilistic but yes I proudly designate myself as “Maverick”...

Disclaimer: I am not an Atheist or Anarchist. It is just that i am too curious and confuse :-)


We as human beings always busy try to please ourselves by doing several different things to keep life going and make it more interesting and vivacious. But at the same time we are not ready to accept that what we do, we do for ourselves. People do charity not just to help others but such acts make them feel contented and happy. So somewhere personal motive is there which drives them to do such more acts…It’s a very human nature that a human being repeats only those acts in which he\she sees his\her benefits and progress. Unless there is no motivation and no benefit he\she cant continue with same acts.. A son chooses to be a doctor not just because his parents want him to be a doctor but because somewhere deep down he also aspire for the same. Unless he doesn’t aspire for being a doctor how come he can be successful in chosen profession? We always keen to present ourselves in such a way that we should be known as altruistic. But aren’t all these characteristic of a hypocrite? Why is it necessary that we should always stood by standards set by the society…. Why raising a voice against cliched thoughts are always termed as “revolt”? TO TOP that…Moral Brigade comes to the rescue to edify us about what is virtuous and acceptable and what is illicit and not rightful thing to do. And so called “social parameters” made by “Anonymous Ancestors” states that thinking about oneself is a biggest sin one can commit and he\she should think and work for the benefit of “human kind”. Making efforts to keep oneself happy is superficially not acceptable in this “virtuous society”. But aren’t all these ethics and parameters are paradoxical and vague?