Arjun Singh Saga

Our very own Arjun Singh, Human Resource Minister of India symbolizes Capriciousness, Sycophancy and Vandalism. I wonder does he have anything 'human' in him?

Lets start with the controversies he was and he is part of

  1. His Karwa Dam palace has been differently assessed between 10 to 20 crore although he claims that it cost him only forty lakhs to build. (Is he ready to sell that palace for 40 lakhs?...I am sure many buyers are there in the queueLiar)

  1. While Arjun Singh was the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, he was involved in the scandal which was called by some the Churhat Lottery case in the 1980s, in which allegations, never proved, were leveled that he had helped set up a phony state lottery. (No wonder he can do that…or may be he is continuing till now)

  1. A case under the Anti-Dowry Act has been registered against Arjun Singh. Mayawati government has decided to seek CBI inquiry into dowry harassment case. (The Education minister who is directly involved with future of young generation of India is involved in DOWRY…. Shame)

  1. And of course reservation controversy…( And he claim himself to be secular…huh)

Well people designate him with different adjective(s) i.e. Arjun Singh a 'sycophant'… Arjun Singh a 'Coward', Arjun Singh a 'Dowry seeker'... And he is proving it right by his actions. He certainly deserves these designation(s) to the fullest.

His stand and actions are ambiguous and confusing. At one side he is projecting na├»ve Rahul Gandhi as a Congress candidate for Prime Minister Post and on the other side in his latest book he is criticizing Indira Gandhi Emergency Episode and his very own Congress Party for Groupism and Incipient Undemocratic Culture. Or may be this whole melodrama is a way to encash loyalty…Err...I mean 'sycophancy'....Phew

His stand on reservation certainly epitomizes arbitration. His efforts to segregate India on basis of casts and religion are not at all justifiable. Why doesn't he favor reservation on basis of merit rather than caste? …

I certainly believe that such an important ministry shouldn't be headed by a person whose actions are so ambiguous and who is involved in controversies related to dowry and scandal…He is certainly jeopardizing the future of young generation by his discriminational and scandalous acts.

Mr. Arjun Singh should seriously consider of taking voluntary retirement to prevent this very nation from capitulating in front of social evils like caste and racial discrimination which were fuelled by his very action(s).