Persuasion by Jane Austen

Jane Austen certainly dissects human disposition so pragmatically and beautifully that you cant help but concur with her. She certainly was a gifted lady who exposed the basic human behavior so vividly while maintaining the curiosity among readers.

Persuasion is indeed her best novel after Pride And Prejudice and take us on a journey of characters which we can relate to and connect with.

Anne Elliot, The Protagonist certainly is a lady with distinctive disposition and taste. She epitomizes benevolence and what a lady should be like... Her unbiased tendency to look at things without judging them and not affected by cursory and superficial luring manners worth praise.
I also liked Anne Elliot for maintaining a fine balance between her friend cum guardian and her love (Lady Russel and Fredrick Wentworth).

I throughly enjoyed every part of this novel and would recommend it to anyone who wants to have an insight into basic human behavior in the form of a gripping story line which you one wont regret reading.