New Resolution

New year is approaching. like every year this year also i have planned to make a new resolution. my mom always pushes me to make atleast one new resolution every year. just to make her happy i do. well lemmie tell you one thing. all my previous resolutions were disasters. infact they never last long. more to add on i dont even remember my last resolution which i had taken in the beginning of 2006. felling pity for myself.........huh? can i forget my resolution so early. resolutions are made to be remembered. working on resolution is different but forgetting resolution is simply unacceptable. i deserve punishment....but what punishment?....lemmie decide my punishment for myself...isnt it KEWL that i am deciding my punishment on my punishment is that i wont forget my resolution atleast for a year before i take any new resolution. but for that i really need to brush up my memory. to polish my memory i have an idea. i think i should try one of the memory enhancement tonic which are flooded in the market....what you all suggest? i try dabur shankhpushpi?...he he he he he.......

but i am sure my mom wont allow me to do so bcoz recently my mom's friend told her that these tonics are made from tails of lizards(which according to her easily available), wings and juice of cockroack(which according to my mom easily accessible) and ofcourse oil of fish. i cant help but wonder..she is damn innovative. people here are so creative..huh?lets get back to my resolution. so now i am ready with my improved memory. thanks to memory enhancement tonic which i had taken inspite of my mom objection. i am ready to take my new resolution. hopefully this time i wont forget my resolution and i really hope this time i will live upto my resolution.