The Dream: How I Learned the Risks and Rewards of Entrepreneurship and Made Millions by Gurbaksh Chahal

Quite an Inspirational and Interesting read.

Though the biography is full of adage which everyone must have heard and read myriad times.. Inspite of that this biography is like a fresh air with few interesting narration which indeed makes this book quite a treat to read.

A worthy read for all book lovers.


The Armchair Economist by Steven Landsburg

Most of the economics can be summarized in four words "People respond to Incentives".. This is how Landsburg commence this book which is full of bizarre riddles, solved by not so common economics principles.

The books take you on the journey where every chapter is like a riddle which compels you to think and exhaust your brain to the core. Landsburg basic premise is that "things and situations which look simple are actually much more complicated in reality."

However, on various fronts I disagree with his findings which seemed ludicrous and too impractical (specially his anti-environmental approach)

The Polyester Prince by Hamish McDonald

If you can get it, Read it.
It will take you on the journey of Dhirubhai Ambani's struggle, competence, hard-work, excellent management skills and forward thinking.
This book also take into account the darker side of Dhirubhai Ambani and that could be the reason behind the possible ban on this book in India. The tussle between Dhirubhai Ambani and Nuslie Wadia to control the polyester market was no less than a thriller.

While Reading the book I felt like I am witnessing the India's Post Independent Political History. Author covers the license raj with such pragamatic view that you cant agree more with him. Hamish extensive research of India's corporate world of 1980s and 90s shows how an Industrialist(read Dhirubhai Ambani) took advantage of the tedious and corrupt bureaucratic set up rather than crying over it. As Author quoted Dhirubhai Amabani words "You should not do anything illegal. First of all, the law should be changed" And Dhirubhai Amabani indeed did it.

The Darker side of Dhirubhai Amabani abilities was an eye for human weakness and willingness to exploit it. This indeed was his most used weapon o his journey from rags to riches. Inspite of all the flaws he came out as an inspirer, a forward looking industrialist and creator of the India's largest Private Sector company having the biggest investor base. Dhirubhai Amabani had the knack to seize the opportunities at the right time..

Overall A bold step by Author Hamish McDonald to reveal the complete portrayal of most celebrated business tycoon in Indian History.


How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes by Peter Schiff

A quick and informative read.

A nice overview of the other side of Economics which is thoroughly neglected in today's era. Gives new meaning to economic terms like inflation, deflation, stagflation, spending etcetera . I never knew that saving and production of goods and services are more important component of healthy economic growth rather than spending. And Deflation is actually a good thing for economies as well as consumers.
Peter Schiff also take a shot at fiscal deficit and how we are negating the truth about deficit bubble which is building right now across the world and can be more scary and slaughtering than ever seen before.

Criticizes Keynesian theory and blames it for recession and the mess which we are in right now.

Allegories used by author makes the book entertaining, interesting and fun to read. Must read for all who have slightest interest in economics and the world we live in.