How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes by Peter Schiff

A quick and informative read.

A nice overview of the other side of Economics which is thoroughly neglected in today's era. Gives new meaning to economic terms like inflation, deflation, stagflation, spending etcetera . I never knew that saving and production of goods and services are more important component of healthy economic growth rather than spending. And Deflation is actually a good thing for economies as well as consumers.
Peter Schiff also take a shot at fiscal deficit and how we are negating the truth about deficit bubble which is building right now across the world and can be more scary and slaughtering than ever seen before.

Criticizes Keynesian theory and blames it for recession and the mess which we are in right now.

Allegories used by author makes the book entertaining, interesting and fun to read. Must read for all who have slightest interest in economics and the world we live in.


prafull said...

Well, thats interesting to know tht deflation is better than inflation . I thought both are equally bad for any country's economy
will definately try to go thru the book --

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Enigma said...

Thank you for your suggestion Maria. I will definitely think about it.

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