Fanatical Cricket Loving Nation

Ladies and Gentlemen (North and South American Nationals) I am not talking about insect species belongs to Gryllidae Family. This is what usually Latin and North American people think when I talk with them about “cricket”. I want to clarify this misconception. We are not insect fanatic Nation. WE ARE NOT… Sigh!!!!!!!

Ladies And Gentlemen (Rest of the world).. Yes you guessed it rightly. We indeed follow cricket religiously. WE DO

We shout…We slang…We criticize when India lost… But latest DLF India Premiere league is putting me in such a dilemma. I don’t know whom to support and whom not to..

~So called Mumbai Indians have more “Non-Indians” than Indians. I wonder still they proudly tag themselves as Indians.

~Rajasthan Royals hardly have anything “royal+loyal” in them. The latest Jaipur bomb blasts were enough to scare “royal” people (Shane Warne, Shane Watson etcetera) and they were in verge of flying back to their respective countries… Royalty+Loyalty epitomized” … Sigh!!!!

I can’t help myself but wonder Is cricket no more a sport? ...Heavy commercialization of most sought after game has put the very game on path of retrogression…

Owned by few eminent personalities, auction of Cricket players, Negligence of Playing for nation are enough to support my perspective. I believe Cricket is not just a source of entertainment but much more than that. The negligence of other sports and not getting the much deserved attention to regional cricket is certainly not good for future of this great nation ... That is the real jeopardy. I feel lot can be done for regional cricket instead of just making cricket a means of earning money and entertainment.



rantravereflect said...

ya're right- the magic n sheen of the game has been lost in alll the money n glamor..

players and the viewing public are, at the end of the day just pawns in the entire game.people are minting the greens at our expense...

well, so much for domestic cricket.. phew..

neways, we jus gotta enjoy the game n leave it at tat.. cos,if we think further, we're in for some trouble!

p.s.: thanks for visiting my blog

Anonymous said...

Cricket I believe has evolved over the years in India. I think the current IPL is an attempt to break away from the traditional drivers of regional and national pride and look at the game purely for itself. However we are still far away from the way the English Premier leageue happens or the way games like baseball and basketball in the US hold the capability of polarizing people. I think we're a good 5-10 years from when we will be cheering for a 'Mumbai Indians' or a 'Kolkata Knight Riders' with the same zeal & vigour that we cheer for India in the world cup. Till then, it's just entertainment and I personally don't care who wins or loses... :-)

My Name is not relevant and I am the Angry Indian

Anonymous said...

Enigma, do drop in your email ID at if you're interested in writing on these issues. Do write in something more about you as well. Currently we're moving to our own hosted servers and I am reviewing profiles of some people who have expressed their willingness in joining our team as authors.

As far as anger goes, I believe homo-sapiens as a species do have this trait and it won't go away. As long as we channel it the right way, we should be good to go. Some people do yoga, I write.. :-)

My name is not relevant and I am the Angry Indian

AaYuShI said...

Er..if thats all your prob is (Mumbai Indians calling themselves "Indians".)..well thats narrow mindedness (no pun intended)..
Even we buy foreign brand clothes..but we don't become "Foreign" by that..if those outsiders are being AUCTIONED and playin for another country with their heart and soul..then who're you and I to critisize them?
*Knock knock*
reality hai yeah..the world's run by money now (yr last post)..

well nice blog anyway

would appreciate you visiting my blog soon..and commenting ofcourse


Gonecase said...

You seem quite a cricket fanatic but its just a game to me. But will agree with all the points here, nice read. And thanks for dropping by :)

AaYuShI said...

check out my blog,dude :)

Incognito said...

Thanx for dropping in at my blog..
And yeah,the IPL has put us all in a fix..I am not sure even where my loyalty lies!..