BJP- A Sinking Ship or In phase of Reincarnation?

Once upon a time there was a party named BJP. Everyone including Opposition thought their days are over. BJP was the new fad. Talk of the country. A party with a 'difference'. A party expected to survive the turbulence and turmoil of “Great Indian Politics”. It risen and faded. The party which came out of nowhere and now going no where. I appreciated the measures taken by NDA during their Government of India tenure. I am strong supporter of “Uniform Civil Code” which is one of the BJP's principle ideology.. Alas..All In vain....Intra-Party conflict, greed, lack of good leadership and too much intrusion of RSS makes it a party of past and with no future. For a democracy to be successful and effective its important to have a strong opposition who can keep government on its toes. Left is hopeless and BJP, as it looks is on verge of extinction in the foreseeable future.

Where are we heading and What as Citizens of India we can expect or can do ? ..
VOTE.. But to who? The one who promises development of their constituency or the one who promises a bright future for India? I would prefer amalgamation of both if possible. India is a diverse country with myriad cultures. Local and regional parties are taking a toll and because of that regionalism is on rise and National Issues are not given their due concerns.
National Party like BJP is so busy juggling and contemplating over their own differences. And It seems they don't have any time left to look at the National Issues and raise them which is suppose to be their prime concern.

But as rightly said there is no void in Politics. Exit of BJP might give rise to something more promising and sustainable substitute. Just Like Albatross rises from the ashes

Is it a phase which will lead to emergence of stronger BJP or Is it the end of another party which could prove to be effective opposition?

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prafull said...

Nice overview of the (so called) opposition party of India . i wud like to add- BJP only has a hope in the near future to retain their image of a 'party with a difference' if N.Modi, Sushma Swaraj and Jaitley been effectively used to strengthen the party. But then looking to the current scenario it doesnt look happening as RSS is again intruding its cadre into the decision making posts.According to me, the only future for the good opposttion party in India is if, faction of Congress gets away and RJD,SP,AIDMK dissolve their parties n form one powerfull opposition . It doesnt look practical but in near future this situation cannot be ruled out considering the age of the Presidents of all the other regional parties.