one more black day in Indian history

Few weeks back the government of India formally announced the
implementation of 27% quota for OBC (OTHER BACKWARD CLASSES) from
session 2007...Are these, the so called backward classes, really
backward or is it that the Indian government is living in a world of
illusion or are the students victimized in the vote bank politics...

The government is justifying the reservation by saying that it will
make "all classes of the society equally educated" and reservation is
a way to bring up the underdeveloped classes in the society, but at
what cost and whose expense? Is it at the expense of many deserving
candidate that has made India proud in the past years??

To stop the nationwide agitation against reservation, our government
proclaimed that "they will increase the number of seats in higher
educational institutes so that the general student's category would
not be affected" but again I sometimes wonder if this statement would
remain just another statement in the whole bunch of broken promises!!
.I believe its nothing more than that, as IIM-A and DELHI UNIVERSITY
already came out strongly against the expansion plans and mentioned
that it's not possible to increase seats in their respective
educational institutes without due consideration…

So what is going to be Indian future? Will the brain drain of the
early 1990's continue? ...isn't it making India hollow from inside?
These are some questions which need to be assessed and thought about?


Nitesh Gautam said...

And now, Infosys is going to hire 100 SC/ST professionals on July 10 in Bangalore, following Govt's recommendations -

MY VIEWS said...

yeah..i am aware about it...its a sin in india to born in any general class family.....